Friday, November 8

Saturday, August 31

Closet Project: Olivia Bee

Did this "Closet Project" for UO on Olivia Bolles' awesome style. Olivia's a rad photographer, but she's also got one of the cutest wardrobes I've ever seen, so this was really fun. Also, Mike Bailey Gates shot the photos and they're perfect.

Wednesday, June 5

Christina Aguilera: Evolution of a Style Icon

Wrote about the outrageous but totally beautiful style evolution of Christina Aguilera for Noisey's Style Stage. Girl has gone through a bajillion looks. And yes, I want to bring back crimped hair ASAP. C h e c k it out.

Saturday, May 18

Scout Niblett Doesn't Want A Scrub

Rookie premiered the breathtaking Scout Niblett cover of TLC's "No Scrubs" this week along with a Q&A I did with Niblett about her new album, It's Up To Emma. The record is absolutely amazing and literally heartbreaking; it's the only thing I've been listening to lately. Check out the cover and Q&A!