Thursday, January 22

beck, tu es mon petit ami?

i want to defy
the logic of all sexx laws

beck / sexx laws


L.P. said...

um yes! Beck's rhymes blow my mind in this song. Seriously, where does this madness come from? Allz I know is it by far has the highest play-count of all my beck songs on my ipod. Now I'm gonna go eat midnight snacks in the mausoleum. Mmmmm, yes, bye.

hazel said...

my top beck songs are:

e-pro (seriously, everyday this song!)
devil's haircut
loser (duhzz)
earthquake weather
sexx laws
gamma ray


L.P. said...

I know! he is a fucking genius. And he does it all the time! Seriously how many albums does he have? And their all brillz.

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