Tuesday, February 3


i love this editorial
josh beech and will westall
photographed by danilo giuliani


L.P. said...

Whhhhattt? that is some weird stuff! I like how they run in circles and compete for the camera. The song always makes me so happppy. I used to play it every day at 5 o'clock. Just because:) And these clothes are ahhhmazzing! I love dressing in boys clothes, I like the way they drape so much better. Like baby doll fit tee shirts. yuck!

Livi said...

those boots...i need some! i have a craving for a big lambswool cardi as well...

nice blog...link trade?

Livi xx

nathania said...

you always find the awesomest of things! i love this, and that kovacovsky website is brilliant.

Anonymous said...