Tuesday, March 10


comme de garçons was fantastic. military homeless person with grandma's pink hair. i can't get over the hair and veil + lips. i'm so in love with it...
aaah these are my dutch boys. i love it. not as weird as i wanted it to be (fuck you recession) but i understand they have to make more wearable clothing/runway shows. viktor and rolf know how to make one kick ass coat. copper = total thumbs up on my part.
some of the shapes at dries van noten were kind of not my style (a bit too boxy, a bit too loose) but the colors were fantastic. i absolutely hate cheetah print (ugh) but when it's in black and white and enlarged and paired with a floral? yes, i'll take some. and some peach + sunflower yellow blazers which purple pants.


E.K. said...

Yeah, I'm kind of anti all animal print.

Hannah is Narnia's Closet said...

i remember the dead troops peice, we all just looked at it like "whoa"

great rundown, i love the colrs in teh dries van noten collection and the commes de garcons hair - I NEED THAT haha

Annie said...

omigod. i was actually literally about to post those exact two looks from viktor & rolf. SCARY SCARY SCARY. the rest of the collection wasn't superb, but those two looks are... like... unbelievably spectacular.

Lauren said...

great blog, trade links?

Anonymous said...