Saturday, March 21

personal brand of (not heroin)

mom: okay! so now we own Twilight!
me: wait, what?! i thought we were just renting it again! for ole' times sake!
mom: ha! no! i reserved it. besides, we're probably going to watch it ALOT so i figured we own it!
me: um. uh. okay then. i didn't exactly enjoy it as much as the rest of America but...alright!

wait. let's take a step back. i own Twilight? I OWN TWILIGHT? i somehow, for some miraculous reason, manage to have this movie in the same house as me but not something like...oh let's say, Nightmare Before Christmas? IT ALL HAPPENED SO FAST. DON'T JUDGE ME. I THOUGHT WE WERE JUST RENTING IT.

what if someone comes over and finds it?
i am the only teenage girl in the house.
oh the horror.

p.s. if my mom reserved this, what does that say about my mother? HMMM...
p.s.s. while we were at the video store i also rented the Talented Mr. Ripley again because i haven't seen it in forever and i love that movie so god damn much.