Wednesday, April 22

amazingness overload

you have nooo idea how badly i want this publication in my hands. i want every issue, seriously.


L.P. said...

oooh. I wouldn't mind being called a cracker if I knew I was being compared to those crazy kidz :D

Cassiopeia said...

IMMENSE! Love the top boy and his lego necklace... Xxxc

Mary said...

nice shoes on the first guy. and now I can read your blog in German!

Rosé Magritte said...

I wish I knew boys that dressed like that.

Then again I don't because then I would probably pop my stalker cherry and get a restraining order for the first time in my life.

Eilishbear said...

Wow, great colours.
Loove love love these styles.
:D ;D :D

ja-ann said...

i need people like this at my school.gosh

Anonymous said...