Wednesday, April 29

swedish sandra

okay so if there is one flickr user that i definitely adore, it's Sandra Beijer!
i don't think she's ever taken one photo where she doesn't look adorable...
so i was looking through the New York Magazine lookbook and i had no idea she was photographed! i love what she's wearing (of course!) p.s. that's my dream hair. if i was pale and adorable.

here she is on the lookbook
here is her flickr


Gabby said...

she has a flickr and a lookbook?!
I saw this in new york magazine and really loved it. yayayay.

sophie said...

i'd die for that bag, haha. by the way you listen to passion pit (yep last fm stalker) aren't they so good?

Malin said...

She has a blog too, you know.

If the link doesn't work, go to and search for "nio till fem".

Emily said...

are you not pale and adorable?

somebody said...