Monday, June 15

five things that are good

five things that are good
1. adjectives
2. picture books
3. nailpolish
4. mice
5. mirrors

i think we take mirrors for granted.
in a lower grade i remember learning about how mirrors work but i couldn't comprehend. something about light and reflection and something something. really though. without mirrors how would we know what we looked like? or reflective surfaces. what if reflective surfaces didn't all? CrEePy


L.P. said...

adjectives is definitely my favorite thing on that list. Mirrors...a close second.

emily said...

It always really scared me that technically without mirrors and cameras we wouldn't have any idea how we looked.

bobb said...

I started thinking about this, and ended up reading an article on "black body radiation" in physics. No light is reflected from these objects but if they are hot enough, visible light would be emitted so they wouldn't be dark.

I imagine that if earth was totally dark, and conditions still favorable to support life, there would be an assortment of life something like which exists below the level that light can penetrate in the ocean.

It would be really strange to only know how you looked from poor reflectors such as water surfaces, and from paintings etc. made by others. I know I've read about the reactions of people seeing their image for the first time, but I can't find anything right now.

Spencer Tweedy said...

if reflective surfaces didn't exist at all we wouldn't be able to see anything! after all, that's how colors and light and all that visual stuff gets bounced around/seen... yeah

Emily said...

I submit that there are far worse things in life than not knowing what you look like.

Blind people get around just fine by knowing some of the details.

Gabby said...

i think it might be sort of cool to live without mirrors for a bit. i think people look their best when they caring about their "flaws."

oh and nailpolish is da bomb. especially yellow, it's like sunshine on your fingers!

L.P. said...

i only really started listening to Caribou a week or so ago. I don't know what took me so long, but I'm really hooked on "Hendrix with KO". Damn they are good!

somebody said...