Wednesday, July 22

8 tracks

i think i've mentioned this before on here but ever since Muxtape died (JUSTIN WHAAAAT) i created an 8 tracks account to put my mixes on. though it really isn't as cool as physically making you the mix (which, trust me it's better) i've noticed they've gotten pretty popular, so go listen to mine (most have a theme) and make one yourself!

oh p.s. some french girls i saw at an amusement park were checking out my BONJOUR t-shirt.


zzellers said...

yeah I saw your 8track thing on twitter so I made one too. It's such a good idea stolen from Justin OULLETTE but it sucks with all the rules that the RIAA puts on it.
I'm glad that Muxtape ceased existing instead of having all the shitty limitations that they'd have to pander to.

ps, how are Aryeh and Tim?

Tariro said...

Cant wait to see it!
And i want one of those shirts! Soo cool

sophie said...

omg muxtape :( :( :(

somebody said...