Saturday, July 25


concerts i'm thinking about going to

the books sept 15
the pains of being pure at heart oct 5
dinosaur jr. oct 9
asobi seksu oct 17
the raveonettes oct 17
broadcast (with atlas sound!) oct 18
múm oct 22
sin fang bous oct 22
dr. dog oct 23 + 24

tell me if you've seen anyone up here
i don't know what i'll go to eventually, but hopefully a lot of them!


L.P. said...

I almost saw The Pains of Being Pure at Heart two weeks ago! I wanted to go so bad, but no one knew who they were and I couldn't convince anyone to go and I would feel super sketchy trying to take the subway to South Street Seaport alone...

Gabby said...

whether you like it or not, i'm seeing the raveonettes or dr. dog with you and i'm bringing danielle.

emily said...

ahahahaha using veronica's wise sin fang bous knowledge i see

the books will be TIGHT live

zzellers said...

I'm going to a Dinosaur Jr. show on October 11th! I'm excited for Bob Mould and the Missingmen. I wish I was old enough to have seen the real Minutemen back in their day.

sophie said...

lol i've seen a lot of bands none of those. the pains of being pure at heart would be great..they're playing here around my birthday :P

Claire said...

I saw the pains of being pure at Pitchfork in chicago
they were pretty awful in concert
I saw Dr. Dog and they were amuzzing
See the ravonettes

Anonymous said...

i saw the books a couple years ago. they are fun to see. at the concert i went to they had invented a story to go along with their songs and they even had illustrations for the story projected on the wall! they were very cute.

somebody said...