Tuesday, July 7

dior skies

It was so simple and pretty. Dior couture seems to get away with so much, they can pull as much as they would like to from the archives. I thought it wasn't really anything new. There were the belted waists, garish hats and hairpieces, loud colors in oranges and pinks, full skirts with lots of tulle, etc. The only "new" thing was the underwear. I thought it was great. If a floor length skirt is beautiful on it's own, it really doesn't need some fussy blouse to go with it. Though, this is a fall collection and some of the clothes looked way to spring/summer. John always does that though and I never understand why. I don't really expect anything new or exciting when it comes to a label like Dior, because they never bore me and their clothes are gorgeous even if it is the same thing over and over again.