Thursday, July 30

fantastic fox



Nice and Shiny said...

This looks so fun/freaky/amazing.

The celeb voices are distracting though. I'm sick of all these animated movies trying to suck in audiences with celebrity voices. It's just annoying, they're not voice actors!!!


hazel said...

Eh, well, Wes has been using Bill and Jason and Angelica and all of them except for George and Meryll in almost all of his films, so I understand why he chose them.

My experience with actors doing voice overs in animated films has always seemed okay to me. Howl's Moving Castle WOULD NOT have been the same without Christian Bale's voice as Howl.

Nice and Shiny said...

You're right, sometimes it works. But it sure aint a coincidence that all the ~celeb~ names are plastered all over the movie's posters and in the trailers... I think its used as a gimmick most of the time.

It's so pathetic, but this gimmick has actually got me wanting to see a movie called Despicable Me that's coming out next year: Russel Brand AND Jermaine Clement... I am SOOOO there. In my (weak) defense, I do beleive that they have very animated voices and they could do well in vocal acting :)


E.K. said...

Bale was Howl??? Dang!

Little Monarch said...

this was my fave book growing up as a child and we had it on audio tape for long car journeys. whoever did the voice on the audio tape has really made an impression on me and i cant think of anyone else playing the part of mr fox than this guy.

I love wes anderson and i love his films and i love meryl streep, bill murray and owen wilson (typical wes cast...) but im just not so sure about the film.

I always imagined this to be set in england and the american voice overs is not doing it for me. also i hate george clooney and i am pissed off that he is playig mr fox in this film. i love fox he is supposed to be so cool and sexy but george clooney is not. i know loads of women wil disagree with this but meh.

personally i think his use of celeb voice overs is off putting but i can see how it would pull crowds.

wow so ive written you a nice little novel. now im off to post about this on my own blog :-)

L.P. said...

Gagagagagagaga I like Jason and is wittle fox character who uses a sock for the cap :D

Gabby said...