Thursday, July 9

jean paul!

Uh, no. I did not like this collection at all. First of all, I don't like fur, but I do expect that from Jean Paul Gaultier so I rarely ever do enjoy his collections. Even though there was fur, it was not even good looking! It almost appeared "cowardly lion like" a la The Wizard of Oz. I understood the 20's movie star theme, but that's not even an era I enjoy fashion wise. Then there were all sorts of odd sci-fi references, including the one model that looked like she popped out of Blade Runner. It just didn't fit at all. Some of the gowns looked a bit Princess Leah with puffy draping. I didn't like the film strips either. I know it's couture, but I'm not exactly a fan of clothing THAT literal. Over all it was kind of an "ugly" collection. It embodied the 20's theme but overall was boring to me.