Thursday, July 30


i listen to this song way too much.
when the song ends, i start it right back over again.

sweet disposition / the temper trap


emily said...

ahahah gghwrjbgtwrhigjkeqhwanrsdf my dad loves this song

Gabby said...

me and ginny are highly offended that you are at home blogging while we are slaving away taking care of danielle. UGH.

camila said...

i've always loved that song but never knew what was called.
thanks i owe you my life haha

Soph said...

I opened my art history book to the page on Magritte just as I scrolled down to see that painting! Weeeeird!

balichimp said...

heey! the singer is indonesian... just like me!
i love the love the love the song!

Anonymous said...