Saturday, August 1

barefoot in baltimore

barefoot in baltimore / strawberry alarm clock


bobb said...

I couldn't find much on what Ann Coulter was like in high school, but here are a couple articles.

The first has a picture of her on the fencing team

This article discusses growing up in New Canaan Connecticut and the high school the author and Coulter went to

emily said...

french work?

L.P. said...

1st off, blogs are magical and you know it.
2nd off, Charlyne Yi is a wonderful, wonderful person I want more people like her around on this earth, just cute and nice and funny and ex-lover of Michael Cera.
3rd off, I know exactly what teenager Ann Coulter was like, I go to school with a bunch of mini Ann Coulters I want to punch them all in the faces Imeanwhat???
Not joking.

Emily said...

i say creeper too, i forgot that out.
i actually use that one way too much.

somebody said...