Monday, September 7

i want winter for a thousand reasons

what it is:
what i need it to be:


Alexandra said...

I want that weather. Where I live it's 100 degrees out at the moment :(

Anise said...

i used to like snow, but..
eh. rain is better.

anyway i wish it will be snowing in wherever you live. in my hometown it snows literally once in a jubilee so i have minimum worries.

Alison said...

There is something ever so magical about snow. People seem to all decrease in age and the world is full of a thousand children playing and the air is filled with laughter and there is nothing like being snowed in (as long as you are at home and not as school or work).

zzellers said...

i love this post. it's raining here too and i wish it were snowing.

snow>rain all the time.

Anonymous said...