Tuesday, September 22

this is how my computer works

when i find things i like that i download online, or that i make, or just ANY document in general, i leave it on my desktop and my desktop crowds, completely. when it crowds i create a new folder usually cleverly titled "things" or "stuff". then i dump all of my desktop (usually around 35-40 files) into the folder. then the folders keep being created, and i dump them into the folder that was created, and so on, and so on. well now there is just a black hole of a folder on my desk top. a complete and utter labyrinth of photos, music, whatever...
do i delete things? never.
i like keeping these things.
i am the digital pack rat.

my bookmarks menu is similar. i have over 400+ bookmarks, which i don't really know if that is "a lot".
they were once organized, by "graphic designer" or "music blog" and more. now i don't even use those folders and everything is just dumped into my "amusing sites" bookmark folder.

it is so silly.


emily said...

FUCK I DO THE SAME THING. so neat and organized, clearly

kasmslo said...

I literally do the same thing esp. w/ mac where you can just screenshot everything or drag and drop or w/e and then my desktop becomes like an amoeba of .jpg icons.
Same thing with my stickies too, when I open my stickies app 3,000,343,3432,989 stickies pop up it's kind of ridic.
Says a lot about my organized life.

Anonymous said...

i do the same thing. as a result, my spotlight is completely whack and cannot find ANYTHING

Anonymous said...

I'm to lame and organized to have a black hole folder (for instance, there is a sticky on my desktop that says "organize desktop/folders"). there's still clutter, no doubt though. haha

maddy said...

I do this too but it will be more like 200 things that are crowding my desktop
and then I put it all into a 'sort your shit folder' which never gets sorted and I make another and they keep piling into each other

it's cause there's just too much cool stuff on the internet

maddy said...

less-cluttered-than-usual example being: http://i34.tinypic.com/11b4xv4.jpg

I am super dorky and took a screen shot for you even though you don't care. zing!

Anonymous said...