Sunday, October 4

ad men blood bath

i love how the ONLY EPISODE of Mad Men i've ever missed was the episode where people get splattered in blood in the office.
still this is priceless ahahaa Paul's face hahaha


L.P. said...

haha my parents are obsessed with Mad Men, they explained this scene to me the Monday morning after they were like "AHHH the drunk secretary was riding a tractor (I think they said tractor)and she ran over the new boss' foot and they were happy cause he was such a prick!" I was like he doesn't have a foot? okay, crazy people.

Emilie said...

My parents/me/my entire family are kind of obsessed with this show. Unfortunately I need to catch up since I only just got into it despite the fact that my siblings have been nagging me for months.

Anonymous said...