Sunday, January 17

artist: timo vaittinen


Timo Vaittinen is 32 and lives in Helsinki, Finland. He's also part of the Company of the People which is quite possibly my favorite art "community."


Lisa said...

niiiice. psychedelic haha. my brothers (he's 10 o.o) tells me my art is psychedelic but its nothing compared to this


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human resources training said...

Wow! The effects are very creative and colorful, I like it.

make money said...

The vibrant colors are so fun to watch. I like it. It’s like a painting.

Ross said...

This super 90's-stoner-would-have-a-panic-attack-if-he-were-to-set-his-gaze-upon-it crazy. I guess in a sense, I like it alot.

somebody said...