Wednesday, January 27

chanel dior givenchy cow tear (lawlz couture duh)

Uh, I didn't like the hair? I mean, it looks like something I'd expect more from Luella or Anna Sui but never Chanel (so I guess surprises are good) but I just wasn't digging it. The first half of this collection was just a monotonous string of the typical Chanel old lady suit. Karl did a good job of disguising these with the hair and the metallic gloves but if you take that away you just have some prim and proper suit ensembles in light pastel colors. Also I didn't really like the silk dresses, which would've been fine if there were one or two but after the fourth one they just all seemed to look like long, shiny bags with the some tacky metal pieces at the neck. What I did like was the metallic embroidery, which sometimes looked like pieces of broken metal or glass. Of course I liked all the frilly chiffon things because I'm really a small poodle at heart. Overall this was "eh". I never love Chanel, ever, and I really don't like pastels and silky toga dresses so YUP.
Yes, yes this was really nice. Riccardo Tisci is really cool. I liked the tuxedo jackets and all of the pieces in that nude tan. The colors were interesting choices and clicking through I didn't really expect to see emerald or amethyst colored embroidered jumpsuits but hey, why not? With a collection filled with girls who look they've been punched in the eyes several times, how could you not respond in a somewhat positive manner? The second half was really unattached from the first half of the collection definitely material and color wise, but I thought the sequined 80's stuff was kind of weird and by weird I mean "you really don't belong at this party but you can stay because I feel bad for you" kind of feeling.
Dior is like a really big cake. Every single spring couture collection from Dior is so feminine and colorful it will make you gag. This collection was not one of the strongest I've seen from the house, and I personally liked their last much better. This was really pretty and of course it just had "i'm a lady living in 18th century france) written over most of it. I thought those earrings were so funny! They're so big and ridiculous. I loved how all of the jewelry was just so large and over the top. Liked it but Galliano's done better.

now the real question is, where is my Jean Paul?


Allie said...

Hey pretty!
I really liked the styling of chanel! were truly beautiful. Although I have something small, contrary to haute couture! why not .... very strange ... what gives me something like Love-Hate.
Anyway, I'm going.
P.S: Nice post, nice blog!!!

sandra azwan said...

lord....just great!;-)

kelsea said...

LOVED chanel's hair!!

M. and O. said...


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In-tree-gue said...

Chanel wasn't my style at all but it was very well done. I did like how updated it felt. At first glance, i too felt it was kind of stuffy old lady but it really is an interesting use of color and materials. And his techniques were very well employed(he apparently did some seamless thing with the dresses)
the suits were boring though
and givenchy was nice, not last season though. Dior was a tacky quinces

AMIT said...

Hey wonderful post.

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marii said...

chanel collectio is fab !!

marii said...

chanel collectio is fab !!

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