Friday, February 12

Hey woah t-shirt what?


Woah guys that t-shirt looks way too familiar hmm I wonder where ASOS got it from? Now you can buy all of the Borders & Frontiers blogger t-shirts on the ASOS website! So go, bask in their glory. Stare at their loveliness until your eyeballs melt from their heavenly glow. A little too much?


Hazel said...

It was because of this shirt that I found your blog!
Initially, I didn't know it was part of the B&F blogger shirts, so I looked EVERYWHERE for the label that had the same name as me (*high-five*) and eventually, I stumbled upon your blog. :)

It is now part of my huge list-of-things-to-buy-online-when-I-finally-can (I'm a jobless 16-year-old with no credit card or bank account so I can't buy it atm..) But I can't wait to get thisss! MY NAME IS WRITTEN ALL OVER IT-er, well, only at the back. hahaha now I'm rambling.

xoxo, Hazel

zzellers said...

proud of you

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