Friday, February 12

rachel comey gives me a fashionable reason to not straighten my hair


If, for whatever reason, I started to dress like a bohemian 70's lady with frizzy curls, I think I'd start dressing like Rachel Comey's Fall/Winter 2010 collection. Now, this collection wasn't exactly my favorite of Ms. Comey's (I'm a big fan of her shows) and this year I wasn't too impressed. I am not sure if I liked the collection and a lot of its pieces. It's kind of hard for me to pull a piece from this collection out of the context Rachel has put it in, because I kind of think her presentation was a bit dowdy at times.

Now I dig the whole hippy vibe, loose silk high waisted pants with sweaters that scream macrame knit, but frankly I'd never wear it. It was a 70's pant suit in breezy fabrics, without any edge. The boxy jackets with leather sleeves are something I just didn't really care for either. This Comey collection was probably the first collection of hers that I really didn't say, "Wow I would buy everything here" because I just can't see it on me.

Also, how light was this? It was more a spring collection than winter! The fabrics seemed almost gauzy and almost all of the pants were cut high at the ankle, even a pair of shorts with bare legs walked down the runway.

It was just an "eh" from me on this one.


Gabby said...

agreed yo.

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MarishkaRI0tkhsiram said...

Love the collection!

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Lyndsey said...

Speaking from my completely biased California perspective, these are great Winter clothes! Hah. If only the rest of the world could wear such things in the 'cold' months.

I love the Annie Hall hair and the color combinations, but you're right, I haven't seen any standout pieces so far.

Anonymous said...

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

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