Sunday, March 28

chairs and chairs


I've had a long love affair with chairs. For whatever reason, when I was young I started collecting chair and doll furniture and my aunt bought me a chair charm bracelet. I've always really loved chair design, some of my favorite designers include Timothy Liles, Jens Risom, and Andre Klauser. SO WHAT DID I DO WHEN I FOUND THESE BABIES? Ugh only the most famous designer chairs in MINIATURE. Dying, just dying over here. They're blind box too, my absolute favorite.

Available at Poketo!


サブ said...

These chairs are amazing! Although, I'd like to have them to actually sit on them lol. :)

samantha said...

i smiled when i saw these. i have a thing for chairs as well. when i see one on the side of the road that some one had gotten rid of i convince myself i need it and must give it a home.

zzellers said...

i sent you a pick of one of these from new people! REMEMBER?

Tanya said...

my favorite is the piet mondrian,
followed by the eams and the barcelona chair!

Anonymous said...