Friday, March 12

miu miu, viktor & rolf, wunderkind

Damn, Wunderkind was really good. Diggin' all these hippie collections. Sometimes throwing a bunch of fringe, plaid, leather into a blender creates some nice things. This collection kind of went along with the maximalist mood I saw at JPG (which ROCKED). Accordion pleated dresses, tailored jackets, ruffs? It was really nice, I'd wear a lot of it actually. Give it a B+
I felt an extreme sense of nostalgia when I saw Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren present a model in gigantic layers, enveloping her in a ridiculously large cocoon. It was their Russian doll collection asthetic, but taken this time TO EXTREME NUE LEVELSZSZ!11!1!1! Stripping away this ONE model's clothing (which weighed 3x her body weight) these two boys proceeded to dress the other models in their clothes wait I'm having a heart attack and dying. As for the clothing in the collection, I have to say it didn't really "wow" me. Their presentation blew me away (they always do) but the clothes themselves were kind of tired looking. Although there are awesome things that pictures can't reveal (dresses with drawstrings that turned into capes) but the clothing just seemed not that amazing. It could just be a lack of time to actually see the clothes in person (a.k.a I NEVER WILL) but for now, this collection really wasn't a V&R strong point. Thumbs up for presentation though. A+ for runway show, C+ for actual collection.
Ah, Miu Miu. Why do you make me so bi-polar? One season I'm practically dying over you, the next I think you're the ugliest thing ever. Not that I thought this collection was ugly (it was gorgeous, actually) but I wasn't like "Damn this Miu Miu is fine". Last collection I said that (I think the whole WORLD said that, right?) Okay can I say right off the bat that I love orange and purple together? Yes? Okay well that was a total thumbs up, the makeup, the orange pony tails = so good. I loved the shift dresses, over-sized scalloped trimmed pockets, the bows at the necks were all great. Overall I like Miuccia's collars. She's always paid attention to that area, the collar, especially last season with her adorableleleleelelel kitty collars but even in the past she's enjoy adorning the neck with pretty things. Also what's going on with Miuccia and the area below the breast being exposed? How is this sexual? I mean I like it, because it's not an area that's usually even worth showing off so I feel like it's pointless-ness is kind of humorous. Nobody cares about that area of skin at all. I liked it a whole lot, but I wasn't dying with luuuv over it. It was an A-.

No idea why I've been assigning these shows letter grades, guess it just works for me.


Taj said...

I think Miu Miu will have to grow on me, this season.It just looks really childish and commercial-y..I dont know.

how do you make your colages??

JADOIRE said...

I like Miu Miu and Wunderkind very much, but I think the V&R show wasn't very good as their other collections. It was too black and basic, I thought.

firefly said...

Wunderkind is really speaking to me this's getting sunny here, and I want something something print-filled and layered.

tanya said...

i'm all for miu miu :) i love the childish look actually. very vibrant colours and pattern. wunderkind's collection is great as well :) v&r is very chic (in my opinion) but just not my style i guess.

Anonymous said...