Tuesday, March 2

plastic beach

UUHH I have been waiting for this for awhile. It's so chill! Kind of used to the Gorillaz being really funky, kind of all over the place in terms of vocals with catchy raps and beats but this is so different from their past stuff.

There aren't any really loud songs or fast songs, mostly a dreamy grouping of Damon's vocals (which echo his The Good, The Bad, and The Queen stuff more than anything he did for Blur) along with really nice drum kits and soft synth. You're not going to hear anything like "Clint Eastwood", nothing even enters that realm. In fact, maybe just take Noodle's cute lil' guitar strummin bit out of "Feel Good Inc." and focus on that, that's more like what this album is like. The first song I heard off of this CD was "Empire Ants", which featured Little Dragon (I love her) and I could not believe it was something that came out of Kong Studios. It was really tranquil, and I hardly ever associate "tranquil" with The Gorillaz. How are these music videos going to look? Is Murdoc going to be spitting blood onto the floor to this? A lot of it seems based on the drum kit, reminiscent of their old track "Faust". One song, "Glitter Freeze", has some synth in it that sounds like the dreadful Kill Bill revenge music.

I really liked the guest vocalists though, especially Snoop Dog and Lucky Dragon. I wasn't too crazy about the Mos Def tracks. The whole thing was nice though, the only word I can really describe it with is "chill".


Nabila said...

i've been listening to these guys loads lately, love Kids With Guns!

Nabila xo

LLC said...

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isabella whitney said...

ITS SOOO GOOD. i just posted a song on my blog.

Anonymous said...