Wednesday, April 7

ultraviolet garden


"Ultraviolet Garden" in Another Magazine, Fall/Winter 2007. Shot by Craig McDean with Anabela Belikova, Irina Lazareanu, Jessica Stam, and Kinga Rajzak


samantha said...

the crimped raccoon lavender hair is SO good.

kasmslo said...

Wow, at first I thought maybe it was you who collaged the edit photos all together like that but then I Googled the editorial and was shocked to see that that is the actual layout. The composition is really inspiring and oddly organic. There's an unconventional sort of movement and connectivity to it. It's a cool way of creating an editorial story. I'm just a Hockney nerd, but that sort of element to it reminds me of a Hockney piece. Like one of his collage works.

Tania said...

This has the most awesome composition. It all looks so random but fits together so well! I can see why you like it ^^

In-tree-gue said...

is that jessica stam with the really exciting hair?
these pictures are really attractive

Dolly otherwise known as Jasmine. said...

I am in love with this shoot, I find it really difficult to find this magazine, where I live when I do I will totally treat it as a religious idol and put it in its rightful religious shrine where the others lay.

From Dolly

Michele said...

Awesome pics! I want violet hair!!!

somebody said...