Sunday, June 20

I always end up wanting to wear menswear (Missoni sweaters edition)


Oops! I Did It Again (I fell in love with a menswear collection) except this time it was not Costume National or Jil Sander. It was that Missoni collection, with the sweaters. THOSE SWEATERS. One after another, those zig-zagged, patch-worked, plaid, striped, whateverthefuck sweaters. Not only are these sweaters A+ wardrobe statements, but check out the shirts. I'm seriously digging the black trim on the shirts, combined with the awkward layering. Through the stripes and zags and colors it's almost hard to tell just exactly how many layers there are. (~*Optical Illusions For The Male Fashion Plate*~)

I don't really care if boys wear this knitwear, because I want to wear it! I know the whole "so-ugly-it's-good", Cosby-esque, uber-80's sweater trend is really kicking right now (jesus my blogging lingo seems really weird...) but I can't help it. These sweaters are just too good.


Eline said...

Whoa, I love this so much! The layering of the guy on the right is PERFECT. Gah, I wanna be a guy right now!

Chloe Michele said...

I always wear mens clothes. Whenever I walk into any thrift store I always go straight to mens.