Sunday, June 13

Japanese crafts! And sewing! And babies!


As a self-proclaimed Japanophile (duh do you even read this blog seriously where have you been?), I am of course thrilled by mostly anything Japanese (street fashion, hot pots, even tentacle rape, you know normal stuff that most girls like) so when some uber-mysterious person on tumblr sent me a link to a website with some Japanese Craft magazines/books I could download I threw my hands in the air and yelled out a "ばんざい!" because these magazines are THE CUTEST.

Although I can't read Japanese, these pictures are just too much TOO MUCH and I know that if I could read Japanese, these crafts seem so easy to make. If you want all the instructions because you are some bad-ass kid who can actually read Japanese and make all these lovely articles of clothing/treasures then BE MY GUEST and download them!


Also, there are a lot of babies in some of these magazines. As if embroidered crafts involving squirrels and lil' rabbits weren't enough to make a cuteness-lover squeal, THERE ARE BABIES.


I'm obsessed with these mobiles. SO CUUUTE.

I took these images from three different magazines. ONE + TWO + THREE


luella said...

OH HAZEL you should look for ARANZI ARONZO craft books at Barnes & Noble because they are easy japanese crafts (mostly dolls) and they're in English and they're real cute AND they have some of their own comic books too!! I bought all the craft books and I love them!! It's a shame that I am so bad at sewing!!!!!!

Chloe Michele said...'s not normal to be thrilled by tentacle rape??

But really I know how you feel. That purse is the cutest.

hbub29 said...

Oh, it's realy cute! I love japanese design.

Emma Rose said...

I love those little mobiles, too! Maybe I'll attempt to make one?