Monday, June 7

Kirsten Stoltmann: A Woman Who Definitely Knows What a Vagina Is


Vaginas. Dirty bed set ups with bloody tampons strewn around it. Sculptures of boobs. I mean, there is a lot of feminist art out there, art that addreses issues that any woman who is at least in touch with society can relate to like abortion, sex, plastic surgery, pageants, basically anything that has to do with being a LADY(BIRD).

As I was going through my labyrinth (of bookmarked websites) something that said "VAGINAL REJUVENATION" ultimately caught my eye because for a split second I thought I had saved a porn website but it turns out, I didn't. It was a link to a exhibit with that title, an exhibit by Amanda Ross-Ho and Kirsten Stoltmann that ran in the Guild & Greyshkul gallery January 10, 2008 – February 16, 2008.


Although the exhibit seemed good in it's entirety, for me the strongest pieces were Stoltmann's collages saying things like "I WANT A DIVORCE" made out of daisies plastered over faded wallpaper. A cut-out of a black sportcar appears in the back and at the bottom of the collage, an attractive grouping of votive candles. Another collage, entitled "American Embellishment" is a rectangular clutter of buttons and jewels and glitter covering almost camouflaged clippings of religious pictures like Christ on the cross along with pin-up girls in sexy positions. Adorable? Not quite, but definitely endearing.

Literally obsessed with these collages I googled Kirsten Stoltmann immediately, the first picture in google images being a woman (her?) spray painting her pubes hot pink. Exciting! Other works included collages of women fingering shells where their vaginas should be, a coffin spray painted with pink graffiti, a collage that consists JUST OF HORSES, suitably titled "horses horses horses coming in all directions white, shining nose in flames." Her resume is alarming, how many exhibits has this woman done? Although Kirsten has turned towards making objects right now, I really think her medium is collage.


I dig it.


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