Friday, June 18

kite flying book


I kind of think everything Breanne Trammell makes turns to cool...if things can just turn to "cool." Basically all of her art is just so NICE. Her wallpaper especially. My favorite piece that she has done is definitely her set of giant bookmarks with quotes of things people have said to her. Quotes along the lines of, "You will never amount to anything." Cheerful!


But I really liked this collaborative piece she did with Nancy Palmeri (a professor at the University of Texas-Arlington) and her students. It's a book about kite flying, and it's super cool looking. Seems like there are a lot of origami-esque folds and pockets. It includes a map, a kite tail, a kite holder made out of a kite, kite playing cards (my favorite part) and more. All hand silkscreened too! Cute stuff.


Chloe Michele said...

Wow thats cute :)

breanne said...

thanks, hazel!!

check out winners press! they're the students I collaborated with:

xo b