Saturday, July 10


(from left to right)

1 - Portrait of A Woman by Lucas the younger Cranache
2 - Triptych of Temptation of St. Anthon by Hieronymus Bosch
3 - The Piet : Mary Lamenting the Dead by Baciccio
4 - The Hospital Orderly by Vrel Jacobus

1 - Florentine Bible by Gherardo di Giovanni
2 - Virgin Child With Two Angels by Bergognone Ambrogio
3 - Catherine Lemaire Millet by Jean Francois
4 - The Interior of the Buurkerk at Utr Pieter by Jansz Saenredam

1 - The Tickle by Lonhgi Pietro
2 - The Ascension of Christ by a Flemish Miniaturist
3 - Portrait of Yekaterina Scherbatova Court (she's so pretty!) by Joseph de Sir
4 - The Promenade Tiepolo by Giovanni Deonenico

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Bella said...

I love this set of paintings. My favorite is Portrait of Yekaterina Scherbatova Court by Joseph de Sir. My favorite painting in general is Marie Laurencin's 'The Dancers' because the ladies are so gorgeous and the colors are so pretty.