Tuesday, September 14

Marc Jacob's Pink N' Purple Disco Queen


The colors were so good! And so refreshing after his last mainly gray collection. I'm not a huge fan of 70's disco clothes (ugh hot pants) but the satin suits were just so classy. I couldn't get over how beautiful every model looked, the hair and makeup was perfect. So tired of the slicked back hair on the runways! The long flamestitch dresses/pant ensembles were a favorite part of the collection, mixed with Jodie Foster from Taxi Driver floppy hats or oversized etamines in the hair. This collection was such a win! Although, I can't help wonder what is going on with MJ's shoe designs? I feel like his shoes (not in Marc by Marc, those are always good) have gone downhill? Can't think of any amazing shoes he has done since his Spring 08 backwards heels? Or maybe I am just forgetting EVERYTHING I'VE EVER KNOWN...

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