Wednesday, September 22

Not Getting There by Blonde Redhead

My number one complaint with Blonde Redhead's new album "Penny Sparkle" is that there isn't enough of Amedeo Pace! Their albums usually have a fairly even ratio as to who sings on what songs, split between Amedeo and Kazu Makino, but Penny Sparkle is almost all Kazu except for "Black Guitar" which features both and "Will There Be Stars." And when it is Kazu, god it sure all sounds the same...I mean, really similar. The songs are beautiful and every song is technically perfect, but the album as a whole is kind of a snooze. It's not bad, the songs are not boring, I just can't see myself listening to this entire thing at once without falling asleep. The album actually reminded me a lot of The xx on most songs. I really love the song "Not Getting There" though. DIG IT.

Also, bought my tickets to see these babies in October! Yeehaw! I really hope they play fast stuff, they probably will because I hear they're awesome live. Can't wait to see Kazu sing/breathe into the microphone/orgasm on stage.

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