Sunday, September 26

oh hai Marni

You have to be a really cool chick to want to wear Marni (i.e. ME, DUH.) This season was totally scuba-diver meets aviator meets 60's know? I am not too crazy about it, which kinds of sucks to the max because I feel like this is the first Marni collection where I really just couldn't give it an A grade. I loved the color pallete: navy blue, light teal, peach, chocolate brown. The bright, garish florals as well as swirly neon 60's prints and ribbon candy stripes were also wonderful, I just didn't exactly appreciate the garments they appeared on.

Marni always has a way of making boxy, "ugly" clothing look edgy and modern. This collection is certainly modern but it has very little attractive quality. It seems as if the usual baggy + loose "cool" that Marni has cultivated in the past has turned to a bit of a stiff appearance. Little unwelcome embellishments also made their way into this collection, such as frills in questionable places and enlarged eye-lacing on the sides of some garments. Some fabric didn't meet the "so bad it's pretty much awesome" mark and just looked like cheap motel couch fabric. Those undeniably tacky black and white belts were terrible as well (yuck!) The sequined numbers at the end of the collection will probably get some bad feedback from most reviewers, but I found them to be really interesting.

I was a sad at the absence of chunky cluttered jewelry, but the sunglasses (which are always cool at Marni) really made an impression on me (and I'm a gal who isn't into sunglasses.) The fringe flip-flops were kind of "blech" but the other shoes I didn't really have any bad or good feelings for.

I think the collection is a good collection. It's not A+, but it's certainly not a C either. The more I look at it, the more it grows on me. I think Consuelo did a great job (what's new?) but I don't know how much of this I am really in love with.


Rose said...

This vintage aviator hat is so cute!


Mary said...
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