Thursday, September 16

Proenza Schouler


Um, can someone say MARNI? It was so Marni! If you're not familiar with Marni, please refer to the archives and maybe you'll agree with me. Although this Proenza Schouler collection was way more body conscious than Marni's usual shows (accentuating the waist barely exists in Marni-world) I could still really sense elements of Consuelo Castiglioni's design aesthetic...or maybe I am just so in love with Marni that I want every label to turn into Marni. I saw it in the oversized funky jewelry, the gauzy see-through dresses, the oversized crocodile jackets, and in the slouchy (tweed?) drop waist sleeveless dresses.

But there were other things that weren't Marni-esque at all. The white tweed jacket and pencil skirt ensembles were certainly polished, but seems to think the entire collection was "polished." I guess in contrast to last season's goth girl vibes this collection was a lot brighter but I certainly don't think polished is the correct way to describe it. It was definitely a very funky collection, I give it three thumbs up.

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Meg said...

i felt a little differently about the collection. at first i was a bit shocked at how polished the beginning pieces were but as the show progressed i liked it more and more. however, i don't think think collection resonated with me as much as the last few have, especially f/w 2010. i suppose it should be taken into consideration that i just watched the harmony korine directed video made for the f/w 2010 collection so it's awesomeness is fresh in my brain ... the yellow dress is awesome though