Monday, September 27

WORN Fashion Journal


Got the 10th issue of Worn Fashion Journal and must comment on its brilliance!

The thing that really strikes me about Worn is that it's kind of anti-typical fashion magazine publications. They come out with an issue twice a year, and get this...THEY'RE NOT ABOUT TRENDS OR PUSHING PRODUCTS INTO YOUR FACES. This is such a breathe of fresh air in the world of fashion magazines, where most swirl together into this blob of "Get the Look For Less" and "Hot Trendz" sections. Worn's 10th issue isn't really about "fashion," it truly is a journal embracing a love of personal style and acknowledging the craft of creating a garment. Not many magazines would dedicate an article to the antique button collectors of Archangel Antiques, or write a piece celebrating the history of the corduroy fabric. Models come in all shapes and sizes, and the issue incorporates some humor into their editorials by choosing unconventional set-ups (a model caught in the middle of furiously tearing apart a chicken breast?) or themes (men donning the famous hairstyles of esteemed women such as Jackie O. or Frida Kahlo.) Many independent fashion or style magazines try too hard to be "out there" to differentiate themselves from the bigger publications, but it's Worn's subtle resistance to traditional high fashion coverage that makes them unique. They focus on topics like the joy of thrifting or enlightening their readers on global style, and their style icons range from Angie Johnson (the designer behind the Norwegian Wood label) to Canadian ice hockey commentator Don Cherry. This fashion journal is an ode to unorthodox fashion magazine habits and I applaud Worn on their individuality. "But that's WORN. We do what we have to do and we do it our way."


thekralice said...

nice blog!

Laura said...

where could one find such a treasure??

Anonymous said...

YAY WORN!!! I love this magazine.
Laura - you can buy or subscribe at, seriously, subscribe - 22$ for 4 issues is a steal.

xo leilani

Anonymous said...

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