Wednesday, October 20

The Wake

The Wake is a kind of vamp post-punk band that suddenly turned twee, a swooping move from Factory Records to Sarah Records. When I first heard their stuff ("Lousy Pop Group," "Crush the Flowers", I could have sworn that they were originally twee (trust me, you can tell they were Sarah Records kids) because their darkwave stuff sounded a little bit more if that would have come later?

Someone here did a nice little detailed discography. The thing that interests me so much about The Wake is that they're two of my favorite genres, rolled into one, but it's so weird because the genres are so different. You've got this Joy Division grandchild in the beginning of their musical career, and by the end they could be rubbing elbows with Another Sunny Day. They toured with New Order, and if you like New Order YOU WILL LOVE THIS BAND, old or new music.

They're such a melancholy bunch, don't you think?

Give Up (1982)

Crush the Flowers (1989)

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too good, i love everything you post!