Tuesday, November 9

Can't Be Sure / The Sundays

This is such a perfect song I feel like I want to cry a thousand tears of grapefruit juice when I listen to it.
It's 3 minutes and 22 seconds long but it feels like 30 seconds so I just have to keep repeating the song repeating the song repeating the song until I'm (never) sick of it.

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Leah P. said...

i found this on vinyl in the west village last week and i bought it because i remembered you posted it and i just listen to it and cry on the floor (sometimes i even slow down my turntable so the song lasts longer and it gets all nicely distorted)and my friend (who was with me when i bought it) just sent me a message sayin' she's been listenin to The Sundays all week and she's really in love with them too, yipee! just thought i would letcha know.