Thursday, November 18

Solex All Lickeysplit

Solex is a the solo project of musician Elisabeth Esselink, and her song Solex All Lickeysplit from her 1998 album Solex Vs. the Hitmeister really grabbed the attention of my ears. The song has kind of got this cute music box chime going on in it, her voice is a bit fuzzy, and there's that droopy bass line...not to mention THE HORNS. It's just a really nice tune and definitely my kind of song.

Solex All Lickeysplit / Solex

I also think the song pairs nicely with Land of the Loop's "Heidi Cakes." They're not totally similar, but they've got the same playground girl charm and the drum kit and bass keeping it interesting. I got a lot of emails regarding this song when I posted it on my tumblr and included it in one of my riot grrrl playlists awhile back. It was the last song in Sofia Coppola's short film "Lick the Star" which luckily for you, I posted! Really awesome soundtrack, with other songs by bands like Free Kitten and The Amps.

Heidi Cakes / Land of the Loops

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What do you use to post mp3s?
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love your blog!