Thursday, November 11

Under Canvas Wraps / The Delgados

Heard this baby while browsing old John Peel "Festive Fifty" countdowns. This song reminds me so much of Huggy Bear but minus the screaming and, well, overall angst. Delgados was a Scottish band (although I've repeatedly heard/seen them referred to as British, uh, wrong!) and I really haven't listened to them much but I guess I should start. Their late stuff sounds suppper sucky though, so don't even go there.

Sorry if this is now A TOTALLY AWESOME MUSIQUE BLOG, but whatever go and cry about it I guess.


Emilie said...

Hahah I am not complaining...because the music is totally awesome so it's much appreciated. I like blogs that cover general interests: fashion, food, music, film, literature, etc...whatever people are into. I post about whatever I am enjoying at the moment.

Lara said...

britain is scotland as well