Wednesday, January 19

Kaboom ! ! !


I'm really digging this poster for Kaboom, the new Gregg Araki film that I am so insanely stoked for. Of course, it will be a movie that I won't be able to see in theaters because A) it's going to have way too much sex in it for me to see with either parent and B) nobody I know is in to Gregg Araki so I guess I'll just wait for it to come out on DVD or go alone when it comes to a theater near me (whenever that will be!)

Apparently it's like his film Nowhere but with artsy college kids and Twin Peaks vibes. It's going to have all those delightfully wacky colors and over-the-top EVERYTHING that his Teen Apocalypse trilogy did and it just makes me so excited. I saw the trailer and it definitely looks absolutely terrible, I CAN'T WAIT! And of course, all of it will be set to the sounds of shoegazzzzzzze...

Also I can already tell that I'm going to be swooning over Haley Bennett's wardrobe in this film, LOOK AT THOSE EARRINGS.


luella said...

The only Gregg Araki I've seen fully is Mysterious Skin, which took me about three watches to really love it. I've also seen part of Smiley Face, which was pretty interesting. I really wanna see this outta curiosity! Hazel, I'd take you!

leilani.e said...

I want.
this looks so, so good!!!!!

Leah P. said...


I will feel so deprived if I can't see this is an actual movie theater surrounded by a bunch of other people who totally get it.

Emily said...

haley bennett

everytime someone calls her my doppelganger, i lose my shit. love her face.

pony_party said...

I'm trying to convince my friends to see it with me at Sundance :( :(