Tuesday, January 25



I am kind of obsessed with this dress? It's almost as if Chisato just snatched the drawing of an imaginative eight-year-old and just used it for inspiration. Not sure exactly what's on the dress, but it looks like some sort of GREEN HAIRED LADY STANDING BESIDE A CHEETAH ON CLOUDS. Also it has SPARKLES. It's also sort of ugly at the same time but THAT ONLY MAKES IT BETTER. Wish I could see this cutie up close/try it on/take it home with me.


loen said...

omg that dress! haha i spontaneously started to smile. it's so ugly, yet so pretty! i wouldn't wear it, but now i exactly know what my daughter (if i'll ever get one) is going to wear.

ana said...

if you want me to get picky, i'll say how little i like her hairdo but the dress is absolutely AWESOME

Tessa G. said...

YES! This outfit owns!

Aspen Eray said...

Your blog is amazing!
I've discovered amazing art and music through your blog.
I'm completely in love.