Friday, February 18

can i please be a prairie grrrl?


So NYC Fashion week has come to an end. Because I did not have a ton of time to look at collections as they came, I took this night to catch up. I also started compiling my huge blog post of "Favorites of NYC Fashion Week" where I just list favorite looks, textures, etc. from collections.

But then I got to Rodarte, and I was smitten. I am seriously, SERIOUSLY, into these prairie dresses. The models look like they're wearing garments fixed from quaint little table-cloths. And those brown shoes?! The model looks like she has little hooves!

Swooning! Swooning!


Patricia said...

YESSSS this was also my favourite! The prints and the construction and everything, really, was just perfect and I honestly cannot say anything other than that. Except maybe that I really dug the hair and makeup.

Genevieve said...

The Rodarte collection was so good! The Wizard of Oz red glitter dress were my favorites.

kasmslo said...

the first dress is a wonderful work of genius
if one can't like aesthetic look of this collection one can at least appreciate the beautiful artisan construction of those garments.

kasmslo said...

oh and the beading on the shoes, esp. mixed with that pony hair is so beautiful.

Maddie M. said...

Oh wow, what a beautiful collection! I love them so much. A modern twist on Little House on the Prairie, almost.

K said...

From the looks of the first one, you can be a prairie girl FROM THE FUTURE. Yes.

K xx

rosemaryx said...

yes this was seriously the best part of fashion week. everything was perfect! I can't wait to see what ends up in the stores!

Amy Leonard said...

I adore the hair sweep.
No matter how hard I try to tousle my locks over my eye in a way that evokes whimsy, I just end up looking like I have a come-over.
It's not even actually on.

calla said...

looove your blog! following :)


WideEyes said...

oh i know! the rodarte collection was so beautiful that it actually moved me to write a poem about it! the boxy top-skirt things with the fuller skirts below them, the boots, the grain prints, oh, and the oz references! gorgeous!