Wednesday, February 9

Lullatone's Dreamy Little Elevator

The last time I raved about Lullatone I said I was "drowning in cuteness," and I still am every time I listen to their music. They sing about bathtime and pajamas and Hello Kitty, and it just makes me meditate and zone out and wish I was a little baby swaddled in fleece...that's not weird, right?

Anyway, Lullatone has recently put out a new album called "Elevator Music" which is their take on elevator music. You can listen to it here! The album is extremely charming, and actually reminds me of the music one would hear while playing Animal Crossing.

I wish this was what I heard every time I took an elevator ride. Lullatone, just start hiding little CD players in every elevator you go into with this playing!

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Bella said...

Best music I've heard in a while. Thanks so much for posting this!