Wednesday, February 2

Marni: Pre-fall 2011


Marni rides the funky wave in a way that most other labels can't, but I don't think this collection was that amazing. Definitely classic Marni and certain textures and fabrics really won me over (like the hearts and yellow coat pictured above) but once the collection entered an almost Jonathon Adler-esque wallpaper direction it went from being "so bad it's good" to just bad. There is SUCH a fine line between a cool print and a hideously tacky print and from what I've seen from Marni this collection and the last, it seems that Consuelo's fabric choices are veering on merely hideous.

And...can we talk about the furry oven mitts? They first appeared (at least, when I first became aware of their existence) in her Fall 2007 collection, and because they were usually on awesome clothes I let their craziness slide. Don't get me wrong, I love crazy...but I hate repetition, and Marni's been digging up these furry gloves many times in fall/pre-fall collections. Gloves are a Marni staple, but furry gloves? And to keep showing variations? Seems like a one time thing due to their eccentricity.


Madeline and Sophie said...

I don't know, it seemed to be trying to hard to mismatch and was just kind of... mehhh.

thebirthdaygirl said...

I totally agree with you. There is a fine line between vintage funky prints and simply heinous and this collection just hurts my eyes.

Better luck for them next season!

Hopefully minus the furry gloves!

Anonymous said...

the first one is not bad, but the majority of the collection doesn't feel effortless, and it comes across as gaudy...

Lena said...

I think the fact that Jacquelyn Jablonski is modeling makes the collection a lot more likable...But the line between eccentrically funky and plain ostentatious has been crossed. :/

Taj said...

the OvenMitts are actually kinda cool to me, I might actually wear 'em

Trés Awesome said...

Oh Marni, how I love thee! The double hearts are the shizz

Trés Awesome
Chicago Street Style