Monday, February 7

~Still Obsessed With X~

So last Thursday I watched the documentary "X: The Unheard Music" and even though I liked X before I saw the film, I am COMPLETELY OBSESSED WITH THEM. They are, seriously, an 100% perfect band. They blend rockabilly and punk brilliantly and every single member is completely unique and mind-blowingly talented. I know I'm an idiot for not having been already enraptured by their music, but only after seeing footage of them performing live and hearing them speak about their musical process did I really manifest a huge respect for their music. Also I only had one album in my itunes (More Fun In the New World) and Wild Gift and Los Angeles are OBVIOUSLY their best albums.

Anyway here is their song "White Girl" which, along with a bunch of their other songs, has been stuck in my head for the past three days.

And here is a clip from the film of them singing "The World Is a Mess; It's In My Kiss"


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matty said...

dude, "white girl" is my FAVORITE song by X. but, yeah i never knew i had one either, just kind of (re)started this bloggy blog blogspot thing on newyears.