Saturday, March 26

COOL SHADES: My Favorites from Fall 2011


Jazz said...

ohhh and the givenchy yellow cat glasses were supreme too!

hbub29 said...

I love this first glasses!

I'll be glad if you'll check out my new blog :


alexandra said...

i want miu miu glasses!

K said...

The first ones are everything I want in sunglasses. So cool!

K xx

Patricia said...

Hello! A couple of things:
1) The Tsumori Chisato ones are totally the best and the knit she is wearing is also fab
2) I am really feeling the font that you used here
3) I am replying to you on here since you've not got an ask box on Tumblr anymore
and 4) Most definitely! I actually got really excited (as in, more than is probably normal) when I saw that you had linked me because you are an absolute cool cat so that is a-okay by me.