Thursday, March 10

Lydia & Exene

Anyone who is following my blog should know that I have recently gotten obsessed with the band X (of which Exene is a lead singer of) and that I think Lydia Lunch is one of the coolest chicks ever.The title combined with the fact that these two ladies wrote it has got me seriously intrigued. Also how awesome is the cover? What are they, witches?

I found what's written on the back cover:

Visceral, raw, passionate, and sexually charged, these writings represent a unique collaboration by two of America's top figures in the underground rock music field. Combining a surreal informality, a deliberate vulgarity, camp humor, and the impassioned outbursts of society's dispossessed, their voices cut through the come of discontent, an unsettling, ever-shifting world of illusion and disillusion.



Madame G said...

Hiya! My husband named his cat after Lydia Lunch and apparently it's a surreal poetry book x

Monica said...

Is the fancy script "A" in "Adulterers" a reference to The Scarlet Letter?

Anonymous said...

have you tried google?

Isabel said...

This looks raaaaaad!

ooh-lalĂ  said...

Lydia Lunch is one of the most cool/crazy/brilliant musician ever!