Saturday, March 5

Lydia Lunch

Atomic Bongos - Lydia Lunch

Rocking out to this for eternity. The rest of "Queen of Siam" (the album that this track is on) is actually really terrible. It sounds very "drunk lounge singer-y" which shouldn't be hard to understand if you've ever listened to the entire album! Ha! But something about the beat of this song and her vocals make it way too catchy to ignore.


Leah P. said...

Lydia Lunch is so fucking rad, the second i learned about her, everything i was currently listening to at that time seemed extremely pathetic. it was sad but whatever. i wish everyone knew about her. wish everyone could get a history lesson.

Laura Katherine said...

i'm so glad you like her! i always catch myself pretending to be her at night and my roommate will never let me play lady scarface but i love it so much!