Saturday, March 5


Liked: The pastels! THE FLORAL PRINT WITH PEOPLE ON IT, which is one of my favorite things from all of the fashion weeks. The long flowing skirts and dresses were so gorgeous. The sherbet colors and variegated knits were just awesome. I loved that chunky icterine yellow knit that faded into periwinkle. I wish I could wear head to toe Missoni and look I live in a ~ Cotton Candy Land ~

Did not like: The super long jackets, because I have never liked floor length jackets no matter what the material. I didn't like the Python (which I expressed in my post on Prada.) BUT THE COLLECTION WAS SO SO SO GOOD!


alexandra said...

adore this collection!

Mónica - Mes Voyages à Paris said...

I just love Missoni! Kisses!